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  • Pet Friendly Flights
    Pet-Friendly Traveler Tips

    Identification At all times during your travel, be sure to have your pet wear its collar with tags. Be sure that the tag includes your cell phone number rather than your home number – obviously you won’t be home to receive the call! Even better, have your vet insert an identification microchip. Along the identification line – it’s also a good idea to carry with you a recent photo of your pet, just in case he/she gets loose. Air Travel Be sure to check your airline’s policies regarding pets. Some airlines allow pets only in the cabin with you (in a carrier small enough to fit under the seat); some

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  • Travel Tips for seniors or disabled people
    Travel Tips for seniors or disabled people

    Start by Organizing – Once you decide you are going on a dream vacation, make a list of all the things that you need to take. Get Your Documents in Order – It is important that you have a passport, visa and copies. Immunizations and proof are also needed for international travel. Also, include copies of tour vouchers, airline tickets, itineraries, credit cards and contact numbers in the states of people, agencies or anything else you may need. Put all of these items in a plastic ziplock bag in your carry on. If you are disabled or a senior using any medical equipment, get a statement on your Dr’s letterhead.

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  • Business Class is Better than First Class Flights
    Experts Say Business Class is Better than First Class Flights – Know Why

    Whether people are going on business trips or on leisure trips, traveling via flights is becoming the popular mode of transport. And the sole reason behind this is saving time. It just takes few hours to travel from one continent to the other via flights. We all know that economy class flights are the cheapest. But now, business class as well as first class air traveling has become affordable as well. How? Many travel agencies and airline companies offer lucrative discounts on business class and first class flight tickets bringing their price down considerably. This is the reason that many general travelers are choosing to fly via business class and

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  • Seattle Mariners game
    Seattle’s Having a Heatwave from the Ballpark to Belltown

    Hotspots from the Ballpark to Belltown Last week the local temperature hit the high 70s –  78 degrees in fact. Let’s hope and pray for a repeat this weekend. HOPEFULLY summer is finally here. Photo (right) a new piece of outdoor Sculpture Art on the SW corner of 4th and Blanchard. A COOL find on a HOT Seattle day! When the weather is uh “good” then THAT’s the perfect time for a stroll in any Seattle neighborhood. Last week, when I was out and about in the epicenter aka “Belltown” here’s what I stumbled upon: ARTWORK AND LOTS OF IT! Popsicle Sculpture (okay we’ve already covered this but do go see it out) Admission

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  • Guggenheim New York
    New York Museums

    New York City in United State is the most visited state in the country and among one of the most visited cities in the world. People from all over the world visit the city to experience it vibrancy, its fast pace and its unique mix of cultures. The sheer size of the city is fascinating. Due to the rise in tourism of the city over the last few years hundreds of hotels and resorts have been opened in the city that offer New York all inclusive packages. There are endless number of places to visit and things to do in the city. There are activities for families, couples and kids

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  • Everest Base Camp
    5 “Must-Do” Experiences on a Everest Base Camp Trek

    A hike to Mount Everest Base Camp on opposite sides of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest is really a fascinating experience. There are two primitive base camps used by mountaineers to prepare and get acclimatized to the altitude as they start their journey to the top of the world. The northern base camp is situated in Tibet. Southern camp is in Nepal. The 5 “Must-Do” experiences to reach the Everest Base Camp from Nepal side are as follows: 1. Getting equipments and geard from Kathmandu                 We need to gear up properly before the trek. In case we are not equipped with necessary equipment , it’s ideal to purchase or

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